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Inter-Raf P.E.S. Poland, as a designer in the field of industrial installations, has been pursuing a policy of maintaining a credible and trustworthy partner dedicated to the implementation of innovative investment projects for more than 10 years. The results of our work are appreciated by the most demanding partners in the country who entrust us with a variety of design tasks.

The management decided in 2010 year to implement the Quality Management System (QMS) according to the ISO 9001 standard taking care of the high level company and suppliers management and the high quality of offered services. In March 2011, after passing the certification audit, the company obtained the QMS Certificate according to ISO 9001: 2009. issued by ISOCERT Sp. z o.o. As part of the QMS solutions we systematically verify and evaluate our suppliers. In order to guarantee high quality of used materials and commissioned services as well as efficient customer service, we perform cyclic audits of our suppliers in order to evaluate suppliers and control the realization of services for us and thus for the final customer.


- each project is given priority, we design engineering
facilities at the level of comparable solutions offered in the most developed countries of the world;

- our core business is related with the execution of
project documentation, which guarantees full implementation of the investment on the level required by the Investor;

- our design and implementation experience
Innovation is a great potential that allows us to participate in significant investment projects in Poland and abroad;

- our specialized, experienced staff and high

IT resources enable us to grow in the petrochemical, chemical, energy and cement sectors;
- we plan to further develop our company through
strengthening the specialized software resources and the competence and skills of our employees.

In line with our Quality Management Policy, our materials and services meet not only the technical requirements, but also contribute to the reduction of negative environmental impacts, are safe to use and manufactured in compliance with health and safety regulations. It is our way to gain full confidence of our Clients and the opinion of the responsible and innovative contractor.

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