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Inter-Raf P.E.S.Polska offers its clients the execution of construction projects in order to obtain a building permit for realization of the investment. This is usually the most necessary stage for most projects. The assessment of need to perform this scope of work is presented to our Clients right at the beginning of cooperation.

The process of getting a building permition in our country is still time-consuming and laborious. Frequent changes in construction law regulations and other laws and regulations make it difficult to carry out a complete building permition design. There are also vagues and ambiguous provisions of the aforementioned legal regulations, and their interpretations by individual offices may be significantly different. In industrial investment most often it is also necessary to obtain indirect decisions such as the decision on the environmental conditions of consent for the implementation of the project, the decision on the conditions of land development, the conditions of connection to external networks. Many people representing different disciplines with relevant building qualifications and become members of the Chamber of Engineers are engaged in building permit design creation. After completing such a project, the next step is to submit an application to the competent authority.
Inter-Raf P.E.S. Polska Sp.z o.o. Sp.k. offers its clients a comprehensive execution of building permit projects together with obtaining a building permit decision. Our offer also includes the implementation of environmental impact reports and information document on the environmental impact of the investment and the decision on environmental conditions of consent for its implementation.
Many years of experience in this field allows us to minimize the waiting time to obtain a building permit is crucial for our customers.
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