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Inter-Raf P.E.S. Polska offers its clients detailed documentation in all branches of the investment. Some of this designs may be subject to approval by state regulatory bodies such as UDT, TDT, GUM, etc.

Detailed designs are usually development of the solutions presented in the building permition project of an investment or are independent studies - in case of tasks where there was no need to obtain a building permit. Detailed documentation should be carried out by designers with relevant building qualifications and members of the competent Chamber of Engineers.
Inter-Raf P.E.S.Polska offers its clients execution of detailed designs in the following branches:
 - process,
 - civil and construction,
 - mechanical in the piping,
 - mechanical in the field of technological equipment,
 - electrical,
 - automation and measurement,
 - HVAC.
Documentation created by our team is based on the highest standards required by our clients. When implementing documentation, we use modern tools supporting CAD design. Our experienced engineers optimize the design solutions to fit the needs of the customer and reduce the cost of implementation.

Here are the main scope we can offer you in particular branches:

 - thermal calculations of heat exchangers,
 - flow calculations of the installation,
 - process calculations and technological nodes,
 - selection of safety valves, tank breathing valves,
 - flow diagrams PFD,
 - mass and heat balances of the installation,
 - P & ID schemes,
 - specifications of apparatus and devices,
 - lists of pipelines.
Civil and construction:
 - calculation of reinforced concrete, masonry,
 - calculation of foundations and steel structures,
 - calculations of non-pressure vessels,
 - armaments documentation, formwork drawings,
 - workshop documentation of steel structures,
 - industrial buildings projects.
 - pressure calculations of pipelines and apparatuses,
 - stress calculations of pipelines,
 - stress calculations of the fittings and tanks,
 - piping documentation (3D models, plans, isometrics)
 - workshop documentation of pressure equipment,
 - documentation of fixings, supports, hangers,
 - valve specifications.
 - projects of SN / nn trafo station,
 - projects of low and medium voltage switchgear,
 - projects of guaranteed power supply systems based on generators and UPSs,
 - electrical installation projects with particular focus on objects with explosive atmosphere of both vapors, gases and dusts,
 - lightning and earthing installations,
 - projects for electric heating of pipelines and tanks,
 - lighting calculations,
 - calculation of electrical heating,
 - calculations of electrical circuits - short circuits, voltage drops, selectivity,
 - selection of security.
Automation and Measurement:
 - projects for the measurement of production installations,
 - projects of process control systems,
 - PLC and DCS systems design,
 - projects of fire and gas detection systems, fire alarm,
 - circuit diagrams and installation of equipment,
 - control and regulation algorithms,
 - teletechnical systems projects.
 - water and sewage network projects for industrial installations,
 - projects of ventilation systems of premises and production buildings,
 - design of air conditioning systems for electrical rooms, control rooms, etc.
 - Inert gas extinguishing systems in the DCS premises.
For the above mentioned documentation we offer our Clients complete cost estimates and billings.

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