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Environmental protection is one of the current priorities of most investors. It is the same with process safety of industrial installations and the staff working there. During implementation of the project Inter-Raf P.E.S. Polska performs a number of design activities aimed at improving these aspects of the plant's work.

In the interest of industrial plant safety, an increasing number of plant owners focus on improving the largest possible part of their installations to prevent accidents. This involves the modernization of these plant nodes, which will be considered as posing the greatest threat to the assessment team. Inter-Raf P.E.S. Polska Sp.z o.o. Sp.k. provides to its customers security analysis that will determine what elements need to be upgraded and how deep it must be. Such analyzes are carried out by well-known methods such as HAZOP or PHA, depending on the Client's requirements and the project stage. As a result of these activities, our customer receives a comprehensive material that allows him to take further decisions related to security investments.
In addition, we also carry out explosion hazard documentation for areas containing potentially explosive gas mixtures or liquid vapors as well as for dusts. Such a study may be part of a potentially explosive areas documentation or, more broadly, a Comprehensive Fire Protection System for a facility in which our company may also be involved.
In order to provide a comprehensive offer to our clients in the field of process safety Inter-Raf also proposes design documentation of passive and active fire protection systems. We carry out fire protection projects such as SAP systems, sprinkler systems, gas and vapor detectors.
As far as project activities related to project work are concerned, we are guiding the implementation of environmental impact reports in order to obtain a decision on the environmental conditions of consent for the implementation of the project, which is usually necessary in the investment process. In addition, we have extensive experience in the design of protection against the penetration of hazardous substances into the soil and atmosphere during their storage and reloading processes. We have done many projects on the storage of explosive, corrosive and toxic substances and their reloading - both for rail transport as well as for car. In each case, our company takes the necessary technical approvals and documentation from the relevant technical units.

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